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We Can Eliminate Your Knee Pain

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We Have Natural Remedies To Cure Knee Pain

Is Your Knee Pain Going Away?

  1. No! The Treatment My Other Doctor Prescribed Isn't Working
  2. No! They Think It Is Arthritis
  3. No! They Are Saying I Need Surgery
  4. No! It Is Not Getting Better Or Worse
  5. No! The Pain Is Increasing
  6. No! My Specialist Has Not Been Able To Decrease My Knee Pain

If You Get Surgery

Expect A Long And Painful Recovery

Our Natural Approach Can Repair Damaged Tissue Without Surgery

How Quickly Can I Be Pain Free?

Quite often our clients start feeling relief within 2-3 weeks.

After our initial assessment we try to set up our first treatment within a few days.

We want you to be pain free as soon as possible!


What Should I Expect From Integrative Medica's Knee Treatment?

Imagine being pain free. You will be able to walk, jog, run and use your knees without that constant pain telling you to stop.

Our treatment repairs the tissue and the joint therefore eliminating the pain.

You will be amazed at how quickly your body can heal itself.

What Makes Us The Experts?

Training, Learning and Study!

Dr. Schmutz has years of experience in treatments like Prolozone Therapy and Ozone Therapy that focus on helping the body to rebuild the damaged tissue.

We have helped hundreds of patients now life pain free lives without surgery!


What Are The Benefits Of Our Natural Knee Pain Treatments?

1. Mainly, You Get To Avoid Surgery!

2. We Help Your Body Do What It Is Designed To Do, Heal Itself.

3. A Very Quick Recovery Time.

4. Our Treatments Are Permanent

5. We Put You On A Schedule So You Know What To Expect

6. You Can Be Pain Free In A Matter Of Weeks

Do We Have Any Healing Stories You Can Read?


My Elbow Hurt Constantly & Dr. Schmutz Made It Better

This patient hurt his elbow and the pain would not go away. It became such a serious issue that he was reaching out for solutions and surgery was not something he wanted. That is when he learned about us and how we can help heal the joint and ligaments so that the pain stops and elbow starts working like it is supposed to.

Read about what we did for him and how it helped!


Prolozone Healed My Knee & I Avoided Surgery

Knee surgery was the last thing this patient ever wanted and until he learned about our Prolozone Therapy he was seriously considering it.

But we helped heal his knee and we prevented him from needing knee surgery which would have been a long and painful healing process. In 5 visits his knee was performing and feeling better than his “non-problem knee”. Read more about this success story!

Recent Reviews

Justin Wamsley

Salt Lake City, UT

Date: May 28, 2019
Great service. No waiting time.

"Great Service. No Waiting Time."

Phil Simon

Draper, UT

Date: Apr 9, 2019
Excellent results! Bill Draney referred me.

"Excellent Results!"

William D. Draney

Salt Lake City, UT

Date: Mar 6, 2019
Several osteopaths and sports medicine MD's told me I need both knees replaced. Fortunately, a client told me about Prozolone treatment and Dr. Schmutz. After one treatment, my knee pain is gone and my knees are healing! Dr. Schmutz is very personable, there is no wait time and all of his staff are very friendly. He has the latest technology and takes time to explain options and details. I HIGHLY recommend him! Note: I have previously gone to another naturopath for other issues with no results.

"My Knees Are Healing!"

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Before Considering Surgery

You Need To Look At Our Natural Approach

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

In our initial consultation we will set you up on a treatment plan.

Part of this consultation will be contacting your health insurance provider and letting you know what costs will be.

Surgery typically costs a lot more and is a lot more complicated than our treatments.

Don't Wait To Schedule Your Consultation

Our Schedule Fills Up Quickly

Now Lets Think About This Logically

Surgery involves opening the body, removing damaged tissue and/or inserting foreign materials into the body, and asking your body to now accept and work with this foreign matter.

Our Naturopathic Treatments helps your body regenerate and repair damaged tissue, which naturally alleviates pain.

Surgery has a long painful recovery process. Our Treatments have a quick recovery process where the pain simply lessons until it is gone.

Surgery should logically be your last resort!

Don't Suffer Any Longer

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Our Treatment Plans are natural. In very simple terms we help the body do what it is designed to do and heal itself. In most cases there are blockers or inhibitors that are not allowing your body to do its job. We simply remove those inhibitors.


1. What Is This Going To Cost Me?


The cost is going to vary on the treatment plan that will be set up for you.

2. What Does A Treatment Plan Consist Of?


Because every person and situation is unique, each treatment plan is unique. During your initial consultation we will come up with a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to you.

3. What Do I Need To Bring To My Initial Consultation?


That is a great question. The more information we can have about your knee injury up front, the quicker we can have a more precise treatment plan set up for you. Please bring all x-rays and doctors notes that you have.

4. If I Don't Have Insurance, Can I Still Be Treated?


Yes! With or without insurance we will help you.

5. Do I Need To See A Knee Specialist Before You Can See Me?


No. Even if you have not seen any doctor before about your knee pain we can still set up the best treatment plan for you. We have the ability to get x-rays if needed.