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Lyme Disease
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We Can Treat You For Lyme Disease

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After A Proper Diagnosis, We Customize A Treatment Specific To You

Have You Been Bitten By A Tick Recently?

  1. Yes and I have a weird red spot that won't go away.
  2. Yes. Now I feel like I have the flu!
  3. I don't know, but I was working outdoors. Now I feel sick and can't get better.
  4. I'm not sure, but I have a rash that looks kind of like a bullseye.
  5. Yes. Now my joints ache and I have a fever.

If You Think You Have Lyme Disease, Get Checked Immediately

If Left Untreated, Lyme Disease Can Become Late Stage or Chronic!

We Can Determine If You Have Lyme Disease And Treat It

Come In And Get Tested Right Away

Many patients with Lyme Disease have symptoms that consist of chronic fatigue, constipation, swelling in legs, migraines, chronic pain all over, and extreme brain fog

Treatment for Lyme Disease can be complicated. Our goal is to perform the proper testing to determine if you indeed have Lyme Disease so that we can put together a custom treatment regimen based on your individual needs.

There is not a "One size fits all" way to treat patients for Lyme Disease. Going to a typical doctor and getting an antibiotic doesn't always work. Let us provide the best treatment for you so that you can fully recover and get back to your life!

You Will Feel Better And Won't Have To Worry About Nasty Side Effects

Conventional medications are great, but they don't come without their own set of problems. We will get you back to living life without the complications associated with Lyme Disease and high doses of prescriptions.

Your treatment will usually consist of a specialized diet, supplements, and I.V. procedures like High Dose I.V. Vitamin C, Ultraviolet blood irradiation, ozone therapy, glutathione, and phosphatidylserine.

Most patients start feeling better right away and can get back to doing the things they love much sooner than later.


We Are Medically Trained To Cure You, Not Just Treat Symptoms

Dr. Schmutz has been trained in the best of both conventional and alternative medicine. This means that he has the skills and knowledge to approach Lyme Disease from a philosophical naturopathic treatment model, while having a full understanding of conventional medical options.

Instead of blindly diagnosing your symptoms and prescribing drugs that may or may not be the solution, we will take the time to make sure you are properly diagnosed, treated, and ultimately cured or have control of your ailments.


Get A Full Recovery From Lyme Disease

1. No Longer Rely On Multiple Pain Medications

2. Swelling And Inflammation Will Go Away

3. All Natural Approach So Your Body Will Heal

4. Finally Get Relief From Chronic Pain Associated With Lyme Disease

Do We Have Any Healing Stories You Can Read?

Dr. Schmutz counsels a female patient about her options

Local Utah Woman is Healed!

This is a story from one of our patients that was really hurting and needing a miracle in her life. We proved to be that miracle by helping her body heal. After 1 year she went from walking with great pain to running and loving it. She credits us for giving her life back. Read the complete story here!

Recent Reviews


Cedar City, UT

Date: Jan 19, 2016
I have recommended Dr Schmutz to some friends. I love that he practices holistic medicine. He seemed to really know what he was doing and was competent. He wasn't a one glove fits all doctor and he was extremely thorough with tests. I didn't get to follow through with the whole treatment but stomach issues still went away so I would still say it was a success.

"Stomach Treatment Review in Cedar City, UT"


Farmington, UT

Date: Feb 3, 2016
I came in because I had some issues with one of my eyes and he gave me some advice in terms of holistic types of treatment. He told me to be more consistent with some natural treatments I was already doing. I also had a sore throat and he got me on an elimination diet and figured out I was having an allergic reaction to my dogs hair and dander clogging our vents. What I liked most about Dr Schmutz is that I was able to talk to him about my thoughts and he worked with me instead of being like most doctors who act like your role in your care is none of your business.

"Sore Throat Doctor in Farmington, UT"


Cedar City, UT

Date: Feb 3, 2016
I went to him for some blood work and stuff and the treatment that he did was definitely able to help me. He did a cleanse for me. Their service and how they treated me was really great.

"Naturopathic Blood Work Doctor in Cedar City, UT"

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