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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
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We Help You Heal With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

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We've Helped Countless Clients With Their Therapy Needs.

Having Issues With Any Of These?

  1. Sluggishly Recovering From An Accident or Injury
  2. High Inflammation and Muscle Soreness
  3. Overall Low Energy or Motivation Levels
  4. Depression And Overall Fatigue
  5. Chronic Neck, Back or Muscle Pain

Traditional Therapies Are Costly And Filled With Fine-Print, &

You Deserve Natural Healing Therapy That'll Work With Your Body.

Hyperbaric Therapy Can Help!

How Soon Can We Help You Heal?

We accept walk-in customers on Tuesdays and Fridays between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Additionally, once you call and set up your personal appointment today, we'll fit you into our schedule at a time and date that's most convenient for you.

And we specifically block off Mondays solely to focus on all the appointments which we often tend to get throughout the prior week before.


Who's Going To Assist You?

Dr. Jake Schmutz is the lead physician here at Integrative Medica.

He graduated as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor from Bastyr University and has been serving the local Salt Lake City, UT area ever since.

Dr. Schmutz has personally helped heal 1,000's of patients throughout the years, and he'll certainly be able to help with your health improvement needs too.

What Makes Us The Best Around?

- 1,000's Of Local Patients Have Been Healed

- Naturopathic Medicine That's Simple & Certified

Personalized Consultations & Appointments

We're the nearby, #1 Choice when it comes to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Salt Lake City.


Our Oxygen Therapy's Outstanding!

1. Certified Specialists With Real-World Experience

2. 1,000's Of Satisfied, Loyal Customers

3. Safe And Sanitary Techniques At ALL Times

4. Honest, In-Person Patient Consultations And Diagnostics

5. Personalized Treatment Plans & Affordable Packages

6. Customizable Scheduling & Convenient Office Hours

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Our Prices Are Personalized & Affordable!

The cost of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can vary widely based upon your specific individual needs.

However, we always do our best to provide top-notch healing solutions and treatments that are not only extremely effective but quite often affordable as well.

For more information on our specific prices and services, simply Give Us A Call NOW and we'll be able to set up a one-on-one hyperbaric oxygen consultation with you and one of our naturopathic professionals as soon as possible.

Other Traditional Therapies Are Invasive, Or,

Come With A List Of Side Effects & Medications As Well.

Why Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Worth Looking At?

Our main goal here at Integrative Medica is to help restore your health to its maximum capacity and to provide resourceful healing and restoration via natural, non-invasive therapies and techniques.

Compared to other similar solutions or services, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is natural, simple, safe, and often come with little to no side effects whatsoever.

This process also works organically with your body's natural functions such as: blood vessel and tissue regenerations, mitochondrial biogenesis, increases in ATP and energy production in muscle tissue, fibroblast activation, cell mobilization, endogenous production of antioxidants, and so on.

In a nutshell, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the best health therapies available for helping and healing your body naturally.

Don't Delay Your Healing Needs!

Give Us A Call To Speak With An Expert Physician ASAP.

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1. What Exactly Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Though?


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a type of medical treatment which often involves one or more individuals resting or laying down in an environment that has an average oxygen pressure greater than atmospheric sea level.

The types of environments/equipment used for this process tends to be body length, pressurized tubes with an integrated bed for the patient to lay on inside.

In some cases, large pressurized rooms can occasionally be used as well to house multiple patients who all receive the therapy at a single time.


2. Do We Offer Any Other Additional Therapies?


Yes, as a matter of fact we do!

In addition to top-of-the-line, local Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy services, we also provide other naturopathic health solutions such as:

- IV Therapy

- Prolozone Therapy

- Ozone Therapy

- Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

- Massage Therapy

- Acupuncture

- And several other methods and therapies as well.

3. Why Are We A Superior Naturopathic Service?


Here at Integrative Medica, we do our best to get to the root of all your medical conditions and concerns and not just simply address the symptoms which you're experiencing.

We strive to provide our patients with naturopathic healing solutions and therapies that matter all while making you feel welcomed and valued as soon as you step through our doors.

When you turn to us for any particular ailment which is affecting you, you can rest easy knowing that we do our best to assist our customers via professional hyperbaric oxygen therapy solutions that go above and beyond.