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No Further Evidence On Follow-up Scan

We Offer Alternative Cancer Treatments

Those are the words every cancer patient dreams of hearing and that is what we were able to tell one of our patients that was diagnosed with Liver Cancer.

Our Patient came to us on the 17, Nov. 2015 knowing that he had Cirrhosis of his Liver, Liver Cancer, Diabetes, Irritable Bowell Syndrome, and Chronic Fatigue. He was looking for an alternative approach that did not involve Chemotherapy, Radiation and/or Surgery.

When this patient came to us he had the following symptoms:

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Fluid Retention in Abdomen



Abdominal Pain

& Blood Sugar Irregularities

Our Approach:

We had our initial consultation which primarily consisted of listening and learning.  After that we were able to set him up on a plan to recovery.
We started with Dietary Advice, a variety of Supplements, and I.V. Procedures. The specific I.V. Procedures were:¬†Ultraviolet blood irradiation treatments, I.V. nutrient therapy, and I.V. glutathione. Our patient was very happy that our recommended treatment was non invasive. As his treatments progressed, it wasn’t long before our patient was getting some relief from his symptoms.

The Result:

In a little less than 4 months his symptoms were completely gone. We scheduled a CT Scan on the 2, March 2016 which no longer demonstrated evidence of his liver cancer. We were so happy that our patient is no longer living with the pain and burden that he had prior to treatment.

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