My Elbow Hurt Constantly & Dr. Schmutz Made It Better
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My Elbow Hurt Constantly & Dr. Schmutz Made It Better

Elbow Pain Is All Too Common!


Many people suffer from elbow pain. Some people call it tennis elbow. Whatever it is and whatever caused it the consequence is the same.

Constant pain in the elbow. It hurts to move it & it hurts to pick things up!

Maybe you are like the patient in this story where the pain wouldn’t go away and you had issues using your elbow.

This patient came to us in serious elbow pain. He couldn’t get the pain to go away and he couldn’t rest his arm due to his labor intensive work requirements.

What was our solution?

We recommended Prolozone Therapy to help heal his elbow and strengthen it.

The Results We’re A Huge Relief For Our Patient

Our patient reported feeling extra strength and a lack of pain within 2 – 3 weeks. He was now able to use his arm without a constant throbbing of pain up and down his arm.

This patient has had several prolozone treatments and has reported very positive results.

Prolozone is amazing at helping the joints heal themselves which take away the pain and discomfort in using them.

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