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Local Utah Woman is Healed!

1 Year Later She Is Running and Feeling Great Doing It!

Dr. Schmutz counsels a female patient about her options

When most people are sick they go to the doctor.

But what happens after the person has visited many doctors and specialists and none of them can heal them?

This is exactly what happened with one of my patients.

After Meeting With Several Doctors & Specialists She Was Still Sick!

She is 40 years old and came into my office 1 year ago. When she came in she could hardly function.

She suffered from severe migraines, fatigue, fibromyalgia, MS, decreased sensation in her hands and feet and suffered from a brain tumor.

This was a long list of problems. She explained that I wasn’t the first doctor she has seen. She has been seeking healing for quite some time and nobody had been able to help her so far.

Let’s just say that this particular patient was very distraught and discouraged. However, she had hope and said that if she could just see a 10% improvement on her health she would be so happy.

We Immediately Got Started!

After hearing her story and symptoms we got her started right away. During that first visit I spent 45 minutes with her.

The visit entailed a detailed history, thorough questioning, and laboratory testing to identify the underlying cause of her symptoms.

When she returned for her second visit we had a detailed treatment plan for her. This treatment plan focused on removing the causes of her ailments and improving bodily functions.

This plan also focused on dietary modifications, supplemental protocol, high dose of Vitamin C, IV nutrient therapy, and IV glutathione.

First Signs of Healing

Just after a couple of weeks of implementing this plan she already began to feel better.

This absolutely pleased us and her.

Her headaches were now mild and only once a week. Before seeking healing from us her headaches had been a daily trial. Her energy problems and fibromyalgia symptoms had gone away. On top of that she was getting sensation back in her hands and feet.

3 Months Later

After 3 months she felt well enough to take walks with little or no pain. Before this walking resulted in pain and great discomfort.

Her headaches had all but disappeared and were only occurring once or twice a month.

This 3 month mark really made the difference and she continued to steadily improve from that point on.

1 Year Later

A year from the day she entered my office she tells me that she is running!

Running is huge for her!

She is actually running and feels fantastic doing it.

Remember how I mentioned that she wanted to see just a 10% increase in health and she would be happy. She feels 95% better than she did when she first came in and credits our holistic approach to medicine and healing as the reason she has her life back.

What was so special with the way we treated her?

#1 – It worked.

#2 – We properly diagnosed the cause/causes of her symptoms and then came up with a treatment plan that would help her body have what it needed to heal itself. We guided her body and supported her every step of the way in order to enjoy true healing.

We love these stories and will continue to work hard and heal people in order to make life better for our patients!

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