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Alternative Pain Management
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Dr. Schmutz counsels a female patient about her options

Local Utah Woman is Healed!

This is a story from one of our patients that was really hurting and needing a miracle in her life. We proved to be that miracle by helping her body heal. After 1 year she went from walking with great pain to running and loving it. She credits us for giving her life back. Read the complete story here!

Recent Reviews

Justin Wamsley

Salt Lake City, UT

Date: May 28, 2019
Great service. No waiting time.

"Great Service. No Waiting Time."

Phil Simon

Draper, UT

Date: Apr 9, 2019
Excellent results! Bill Draney referred me.

"Excellent Results!"

William D. Draney

Salt Lake City, UT

Date: Mar 6, 2019
Several osteopaths and sports medicine MD's told me I need both knees replaced. Fortunately, a client told me about Prozolone treatment and Dr. Schmutz. After one treatment, my knee pain is gone and my knees are healing! Dr. Schmutz is very personable, there is no wait time and all of his staff are very friendly. He has the latest technology and takes time to explain options and details. I HIGHLY recommend him! Note: I have previously gone to another naturopath for other issues with no results.

"My Knees Are Healing!"

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We are not a medical center that simply gives out subscriptions to pain killer drugs. We are a holistic medical center. We use alternative medicine, therapies, and treatments to help heal our patients of the pain they are suffering from. Our alternative medicine and treatments are very effective at helping people who are suffering from pain. So if you are looking for pain killer drugs, we are not the doctors for you. If you are looking for healing that will take away or dramatically decrease the pain you are in, please contact our offices to schedule an appointment with our naturopathic doctors.

There are many different conditions that cause patients a lot of pain. Some of the most common come from back pain, knee pain, hip pain and other types of joint pain. Some other common conditions are damaged muscles, tendons, and sports related injuries. Whatever the cause of your chronic pain we can help you manage the pain and heal you of that pain by helping your body heal itself.