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Justin Wamsley

Salt Lake City, UT

Date: May 28, 2019
Great service. No waiting time.

"Great Service. No Waiting Time."

Phil Simon

Draper, UT

Date: Apr 9, 2019
Excellent results! Bill Draney referred me.

"Excellent Results!"

William D. Draney

Salt Lake City, UT

Date: Mar 6, 2019
Several osteopaths and sports medicine MD's told me I need both knees replaced. Fortunately, a client told me about Prozolone treatment and Dr. Schmutz. After one treatment, my knee pain is gone and my knees are healing! Dr. Schmutz is very personable, there is no wait time and all of his staff are very friendly. He has the latest technology and takes time to explain options and details. I HIGHLY recommend him! Note: I have previously gone to another naturopath for other issues with no results.

"My Knees Are Healing!"

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Here at our Salt Lake City, UT doctor’s office we do GI-Complete Profile Testing for our patients. This is a detailed gastrointestinal test. It identifies bacteria imbalances in the gut. It identifies if you have enough good bacteria in the gut or you have bacteria that doesn’t belong in the gut. I

This test looks at digestive enzymes in the gut to see if the patient is producing enough. It looks to see if the patient’s GI tract is digesting their food effectively and also checks for parasites that may be in the GI tract. On top of all these things it will also check to see if yeast is present in the gut.

So, all in all it is a great test to do if you have abdominal complaints like IBS, colitis (ulcerative colitis and crohns), abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, autoimmune disease etc.