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IV Therapy
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IV Nutrient Therapy In Salt Lake City

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IV Treatment Is One Of The Most Important Treatments We Offer

Why Do You Need IV Treatment?

  1. I Have A Weak Immune System
  2. I Have Cancer and Am Going Through Radiation Or Chemo
  3. I Am Doing A Detox
  4. I Am An Athlete
  5. I Have Diabetes
  6. I Have Fibromyalgia

A Weak Digestive System

Doesn't Allow Your Body To Get The Nutrients It Needs

Our IV Nutrient Therapy Can Get Nutrients Directly To Your Cells

How Quickly Does It Work?

Immediately! Because we are directly injecting the needed nutrients into your vein, your cells get the nutrients they need immediately.

The length of time it takes your body to heal depends on the severity of the damaged cells.

IV Therapy is much more effective and quicker than your body trying to get the nutrients through your digestive tract.


What Should I Expect From IV Therapy?

Imagine your body FINALLY going through the healing process.

You can stop being frustrated at all the oral supplements and special diets that don't seem to be doing ANYTHING.

With our IV Treatment you can once again see that light at the end of the tunnel!

What Makes Us Experts In IV Treatments?

Dr. Schmutz has received his NMD (Naturopathic Medical Doctor).

He has received specialized training in I.V. Nutrient Therapy, Prolotherapy, Neural Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy,and much more.


What Are The Benefits Of Our IV Nutrient Therapy?

1. Your IV Nutrient Blend Is Unique To You (see our FAQ section)

2. We Are Experts In Figuring Out What Nutrients Your Body Needs

3. We Specialize In Both Natural Medicine & Conventional Medicine

4. We Care About Healing Your Body, Not Just Treating Symptoms

5. We Specialize In Finding The Source Of The Problem

Do We Have Any Healing Stories You Can Read?


Prostate Cancer Treatment Salt Lake City

How would you react if your Doctor told you that you would have to wear diapers the rest of your life? This patient did not accept that as his fate and sought us out for alternative treatments. We have been treating his Prostate Cancer for over a year now with no spread of the cancer. Read more to find out how our alternative to surgery and diapers saved our patients quality of life.


Liver Cancer Treatments Salt Lake City

A new patient came to us knowing that he had Liver Cancer and was suffering from a lot of the symptoms that accompany Liver Disease. He chose us because he was looking for an alternative approach to treating Liver Cancer other than Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery. In less than 4 months his symptoms were gone and a CT Scan showed the cancer had been eliminated. Click the picture above to read more…

Dr. Schmutz counsels a female patient about her options

Local Utah Woman is Healed!

This is a story from one of our patients that was really hurting and needing a miracle in her life. We proved to be that miracle by helping her body heal. After 1 year she went from walking with great pain to running and loving it. She credits us for giving her life back. Read the complete story here!

Recent Reviews

Jean Koyler

Salt Lake City, Utah

Date: Jan 23, 2018
Dr. Schmutz helped me with the problems I was dealing with. Him and his staff were fantastic. I recommended him to several of my friends, because I would like them to get the help I received. One of the friends that I actually referred to him had her problem taken care of also.

"Him & His Staff Were Fantastic"

Julie C

Salt Lake City, Utah

Date: Jan 16, 2018
I have recommended Dr. Schmutz to several friends. I love it that he practices alternative medicine. He really knew his stuff and was competent. He wasn't a one glove fits all type of doctor. He ordered several tests and was very thorough. By following through with the protocol he gave me my stomach issues went away. It was a success.

"I Have Recommended Dr. Schmutz To Several Friends"

David Vidal

Salt Lake City, Utah

Date: Dec 27, 2017
Dr. Schumutz is very dedicated and knowledgeable. My wife and I searched online and selected him out of the many other options out there, because he was one of the few that integrated the best of both medicine's worlds. My wife hasn't finished her treatment yet, but she is doing a lot better and on the way to a complete recovery. Great Doctor!!!!

"Great Doctor!!!!!"

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Stop Wasting Money

On Medicine That Isn't Working

How Much Does IV Therapy Cost?

The cost of IV Nutrient Therapy can vary. Due to the wide variety of treatments and nutrient blends we are not able to put a price online. However we would be happy to give you a price over the phone. Just call and speak to one of our professionals.

If Your Oral Supplements And Diets Aren't Working

You Need To Talk To Us About IV Therapy!

Why Is IV Therapy So Effective?

To understand why IV Nutrient Therapy is so effective, we need to understand the main goal for using IV Therapy. The main goal is to heal your body. If your body is sick, so are your cells. Your cells need nutrients and vitamins to get better and in turn allow your body to heal itself the way it is designed to.

So How Do My Cells Get Nutrients?

That is a great question. Your cells typically get nutrients and vitamins through the food we eat, in addition you can take medicine. The problem is when you are not getting better. If eating healthy and taking medicine does not seem to be working then your digestive system is not absorbing the nutrients like it should and not delivering them to your cells. This damaged digestive system is not allowing your cells and your body to heal.

How Does IV Nutrient Therapy Help?

IV Nutrient Therapy directly injects the nutrients that your body needs through an IV drip. This puts the nutrients directly into the blood stream and directly to the cells that need it. By doing this you are bypassing the digestive system altogether. This makes IV Therapy very effective.

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You don't have to be sick to benefit from IV Nutrient Therapy. Even if your digestive system is working fine you can still benefit from feeding your cells with the nutrients you need directly. A lot of Athletes use IV Therapy to speed up recovery process and prepare for sporting events.


1. What Is IV Therapy Commonly Used To Treat?


IV Nutrient Therapy is used to treat a lot of different diseases, in fact too many to list off here. To try to answer your question, here are some of the more common treatments:

  • A Compromised Immune System
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • To Help Cancer Patients With The Side Effects Of Radiation Or Chemotherapy
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • To Help Combat The Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Athlete Performance

2. How Do You Know What Nutrients I Need?


Prior to just receiving and IV Therapy, you will have a consultation with one of our Doctors. They are experts in finding out what nutrients and vitamins your body needs. Our Doctor will put together a unique blend of nutrients that is specifically designed to give your cells the nutrients it needs.

3. Does Everyone Get The Same Nutrients?


No. Every person and every situation is vastly unique. You will get a unique blend of Nutrients and Vitamins specifically designed for you.

4. How Often Should I Get IV Therapy?


Anytime you feel like you are sick and not getting better, or anytime you want to boost your immune system or athletic performance. In short if you feel like your body needs one, just call us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

5. How Do I Know If IV Therapy Is Right For Me?


If you have been sick for a while and feel like you just can't kick this disease, then you probably need IV Therapy. If you feel like your immune system isn't working as good as it used to, you probably need IV Therapy. If you want additional help in muscle recovery or want a boost before a sporting event, then IV Therapy is right for you. In most cases you can benefit from IV Therapy.

6. If I'm Not Sick, Can I Get IV Therapy Just To Stay Healthy?


Yes! Your body will thank you for it. We have a lot of patients that come in for "Preventative Maintenance". We all age and feel the side effects of aging. IV Therapy can help keep you immune system at it's peak performance.

We see all types of diseases, sickness, and overall health conditions at our Utah Medical Center. We treat these conditions with various holistic approaches, treatments, and therapies.

One of the most common therapies that we offer at our Utah Integrative Medica Center are our IV Therapies. IV Therapy is the administration of a nutrient, amino acid, or ozone directly into the bloodstream which stimulates the body to perform a specific action. Works differently than taking a nutrient or amino acid by mouth.