Prolozone Healed My Knee & I Avoided Surgery
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Prolozone Healed My Knee & I Avoided Surgery

He Had Issues With His Knee For Years


We love sharing stories with you of healing. This story is one that can be applied to many people throughout Utah.

One of our patients was dealing with knee pain, aches, and issues. This patient had lived a life of hard labor and as a result his knees had taken a beating throughout the years of hard work.

As a result his knees were giving him enough pain and issues that he was considering surgery to fix the problem.

But nobody really wants to go under the knife. As a result he came to Dr. Schmutz in hope that he had a better solution that didn’t require surgery and the painful recovery process after surgery.

Of course Dr. Schmutz recommended Prolozone Therapy.

Guess what?

He had never heard of Prolozone Therapy before. Which is pretty typical. He was kind of surprised that such a method was available for this all too common problem.

Within days we had him setup for his first Prolozone Therapy treatment. He received 5 treatments and now his knee ligaments have become very stable and his “Problem Knee” is better than his knee that wasn’t giving him pain.

This story is one we get all the time with our Prolozone treatments!

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