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How Integrative Oncology Stopped Prostate Cancer From Spreading


You Will Be Wearing Diapers For The Rest Of Your Life!

Is that even an acceptable option? Diapers are supposed to be for babies and senior citizens. Telling a grown man he has to wear diapers is a serious blow to his pride. Unfortunately Prostate Cancer is one of those diseases that can put a grown man back into diapers, but not if we can help it.

Our patient sought us out after his doctor recommended that he have his prostate removed due to prostate cancer and that he would be in diapers the rest of his life. This was obviously not what he wanted and he started researching alternative treatment plans for prostate cancer.

Our Approach:

After he called us, we set up a consultation where we looked over his history and what had taken place thus far. From there we set him up on a new Dietary Plan, a Supplement Plan and high dose I.V. Vitamin C plan. Our patient continued to go in for his prostate cancer checkups to see if the cancer was spreading.

The Results:

It has been a little over a year now and although the prostate cancer is not gone, it is NOT SPREADING! Our patient still has his prostate, is not wearing diapers, and is able to live the quality of life he was before. Watching him come in our office with that smile on his face is the biggest reward we could have. In some cases surgery may be unavoidable, but where it is possible we will treat alternatively.

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