Naturopathic Health Doctor Shawn Postma | Integrative Medica
Salt Lake City, UT
6360 S 3000 E #325

Dr. Shawn Postma

Naturopathic Health Doctor Shawn Postma

Years of Experience:
4+ Years
Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University
Certifications/Licenses/Special Training:
B.A. in Sociology from University of Puget Sound

I help stressed-out professional restore their precious health and vitality from chronic illnesses such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), anxiety, fatigue, pain, insomnia, and hormonal imbalances through the use of advanced natural medicine.

I believe that the path to thriving in health and wellness begins with cultivating a practice of mindfulness, learning life-tools for everyday living, and strengthening relationships in a loving community.

I specialize in mind-body medicine, bodywork, and therapeutic fasting. I also have a special interest in detoxification therapies and the ketogenic diet to assist in optimizing innate healing mechanisms.

My compassionate and multidisciplinary approach is often the missing link that helps many of my patients get back to a life they love.