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Dr. Schmitz Has Been A God Sent

Date: Feb 7, 2017
“Doctor Schmutz trestments have done wonders for my back and knee pain and neuropathy. I had experienced severe back pain for 3 years due a lifting injury. The pain was so severe at times I was unable to walk due to the debilitating pain sent down my hip and leg. I tried several Chiropractors with no success. When I went to Doctor Schmutz he gave me 3 prolozone treaments to my back and my pain is now gone. I later experieced knee pain preventing me from doing my daily jogging routine and with Doctor Schmutz's prolo treatments I can now jog 3-5 miles a day with no problem. Doctor Schmutz has been a God send and great blessing to me. I am now pain free. I would not have believed it without actually experiecing it personally. When I asked if he could help with neuropathy in my feet Doctor Schmutz put me on an ultra violet blood irradiation program which has healed the needle pain in my feet. I highly recommend Doctor Schmutz. The office staff is very caring and great as well.” ~ Dale - Salt Lake City, Utah