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Grateful To Finally Be Healing

Date: Feb 26, 2017
“Over many years I have been struggling with poor health. Then after cancer I began to go downhill even more. I could never say 'yes' to doing anything, because I was usually too sick. Five months ago my health got so bad that I didn't feel safe being with myself and was ready to check into a hospital. I'm just so grateful to find a doctor who is finally helping me to heal, who takes time to think through and listen to all my questions. It took many years for me to get into this mess of poor health but, with the help of a knowledgeable doctor, natural medicine, diet, and a caring staff I am now beginning to enjoy a new freedom from heavy health challenges and it feels great! I'm also happy to say that many of my days are now filled with 'yes'.” ~ Louise Goddard - Bountiful, Utah