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Helped Resolve The Issue Not Just Cover It Up

Date: Jan 26, 2017
“Went in to see Dr Schmutz last year for a recurring eye infection and a constant sore throat. I'd been searching for a doctor that I could work WITH to resolve my health issues as most doctors seem to think a health care plan is none of their patients' business and typically talk down when asked about alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Dr Shmutz listened to my concerns, listened to what I'd been doing to resolve the problem and then offered the missing bit of information that ultimately ended up resolving things with my eye infections. Likewise, we communicated over the course of a few weeks and worked TOGETHER to figure out the issue with my constant sore throat. In the 12 months since I have not had either recurring issue crop back up. I love that he was so communicative and viewed both my intuition and my desire to be actively involved in my health care plan as valuable rather than a nuisance. Will definitely be seeing him again as he helped me to resolve the problems rather than just cover up the symptoms! ” ~ KCSnuff - Salt Lake City, Utah