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On The Cutting Edge Of Available Treatments

Date: Mar 14, 2018
“During the past decades, I have had autoimmune issues. At menopause, I began to experience neck pain and year after year slowly experienced more pain problems throughout my body along with hormone imbalances. After being diagnosed with Epstein bath virus in 2016, I began to try and control my problems with diet, and supplements. Searching for alternative treatments I found Dr. Schmutz‚Äôs website. It looked like the treatments he offered could be of help in my situation which included hormone imbalance, EBV, shingle virus, Lyme disease, and sinusitis treatments. I made an appointment with Dr. Schmutz and began a proposed treatment plan. After starting treatments, I experienced slow improvement but also was very much encouraged by the way Dr. Schmutz treats his patients. Dr. Schmutz is encouraging, approachable, always on the cutting edge of available treatments, and providing recommendations on what to do next. Finally, you meet the nicest people in the treatment room and leave being encouraged. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Schmutz and his staff.” ~ Patricia Miller - Bountiful, UT