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This Is A One-Of-A Kind Healing Place

Date: Dec 2, 2017
“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of this year (2017). After looking at all of my options, which weren't many, I decided to get treated at a wonderful holistic clinic in Mexico. After completing two weeks of treatment, I came back home to my family. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to properly follow up with some of the therapies necessary that had been given to me back in Mexico. I talked to one of the main coordinators at this clinic in Mexico (he actually lives in Sandy, UT) who recommended I see Dr. Schmutz locally!! As soon as I was given his information, I made an appointment, and pretty soon I was able to follow up on the same therapies. I was very pleased as I was immediately taken care of by Dr. Schmutz and his staff members. They care about me as an individual and spend time answering any questions I have, talk about my concerns, even spending time just in conversation if I need it. It's like coming to see caring family! There are a couple of other places that do similar treatments, however they are not nearly as caring or personable, and I wouldn't change the relationship I've developed with IM for anything. This is a one-of-a-kind healing place. (Haydee C.)” ~ Haydee C. - Salt Lake City, Utah