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Utah Back Pain Doctor Review

Date: Jan 2, 2015
“ "Two years ago I woke up with severe lower back pain so intense I could not walk for three days. It eventually subsided to where I had periodic bouts of pain preventing me from walking at various times during the day, but the annoying pain was continuous. I went to a Chiropractor and the x-rays showed I had degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis of the back. I thought “what” I am only 60! I then commenced having regular Chiropractic adjustments and TENS treatments. After 2 years of weekly chiropractor therapy and daily back exercise routines my pain continued to persist never going away. Being adverse to surgery and pain drugs, it was a God send to encounter Doctor Schmutz and his integrative medical approach towards pain relief. After only four sessions of neural prolotherapy over a two month period my back pain is now completely gone. I am standing straight and my mobility has returned to my younger days. I was amazed at Doctor Schmutz medical knowledge and genuine care and individual interest in my cure. I cannot give justice to my gratitude in being pain free. Thank you Doctor Schmutz. I am a new man." ” ~ Dale J - Utah