Utah Naturopathic Doctor Review | Patient Review of Dr. Jake Schmutz
Salt Lake City, UT
6360 S 3000 E #325

Utah Naturopathic Doctor Review

Date: May 13, 2014
“ "For years I have been looking for a medical doctor capable of effectively treating me without strong drugs and side effects, and I have tried more than a few. It is exciting to me to have found a doctor trained in gentle and effective natural healing methods. I have found that my body responds best to this natural approach and I have had amazing results. I have finally found just what I've been looking for in Dr. Schmutz." "The chronic issues I have had with autoimmune and digestive issues have been healed as I have followed his prescribed protocol. I look and feel years younger. The aches and pains and fatigue are a thing of the past. I'm in my late fifties now and I actually feel better than I did in my thirties. Who says that feeling tired and stiff is normal and acceptable at my age? Not me, I know better." ” ~ Rosemarie - Bountiful, Utah